This Is How Custom Software Can Help You Stay On Top Of Business Processes

Netgen has combined innovation and cutting edge technology backed by 20 years worth of experience to develop a custom-designed online scheduling and class administration tool that was initially developed successfully for one of the leading gym groups in South Africa.

The Easy Schedule gym class scheduling and the administrative tool have two functions, one that allows gym members to stay updated with class schedules, as well as providing a backend administration system which enables the business owner to keep track of, manage and analyse all aspects of the business anywhere, any time.

By making use the class scheduling tool provided by this custom software system gym members is able to view the different classes that are available at their gym online via the group’s website, making it easy to plan their own schedule with ease. The schedule is displayed over 7 consecutive days, showing the name, instructor, venue as well as time and duration of each class in the different venues in the club.

Club managers are able to upload, update and change any information about class schedules via the backend.  With Easy Schedule your clients are able to access class information on their mobile devices and cell phones, keeping them up to date with class schedules.

A backend administration section that is easy to use, managers and club owners are able to keep control of the backbone of their business from classes to instructors. Various levels of access are used to assign different people their own levels of access and roles. As a National Product Manager and Administrator you are able to capture details of approved fitness instructors, class names and descriptions as well as approval of changes submitted by club managers. Easy access to reports that include club, class and instructor attendance as well as costs make it simple to view projected spend reports as opposed to actual spend reports.

At the next level, club managers are able to update class schedules, capture class attendance and club member access as well as capture and record instructor no shows and includes notes next to classes if necessary and so much more.

Our team at Netgen have made it easy for gym and fitness companies to manage vital elements of their business in a user-friendly way that is available online at any time, anywhere. For further information on the Easy Schedule Class Administration System please visit our website or contact us to show you how to incorporate this system into your business or to discuss and develop a software product to suit your specific business.