Key factors for legacy app migration

Key factors for legacy app migration

Legacy app migration is the process by which old, outdated software is moved from a local machine to a cloud environment. There are many reasons for doing this, including the apps may be slow and prone to crashing. They may pose a risk to security if they’re no longer receiving security updates. They may also be holding back the business if they’re not able to keep up with the company’s growth.

While there are downsides to using legacy software, there are several reasons why a business might still be using it:

  • In the comfort zone – If the application is still functioning and employees are comfortable using it, then there may not be much incentive to change.
  • The costs involved – There can be a significant cost to updating or replacing software.
  • Disruptions to workflow – Updating or changing legacy software can cause disruptions as employees adapt to the change.

Benefits to migrating legacy apps to the cloud

  • Reduce costs – Supporting legacy software can incur high maintenance costs. By moving to the cloud, you reduce these costs.
  • Improve security – Legacy apps that are old enough usually don’t receive security updates, leaving them vulnerable to attack. In addition, locally stored data can be lost in the event of a hardware malfunction. Cloud-based software and data stored in the cloud are typically more secure.
  • Increase accessibility – Migrating software to the cloud means that employees can access it from anywhere at any time.

Things to consider

Migrating a legacy application can be complicated and differences between the original environment and the new one can cause problems. This is why you should always:

  • Map out a migration strategy detailing the entire process. Stakeholders should be involved from the start so that they can provide input and be made aware of changes. 
  • Assess the current software ecosystem so that there is a clear understanding of how applications interact with each other. 
  • Plan for testing, as well as the training of employees on new processes.
  • Check with vendors about software licences, which may need to be updated to allow for the software to be used in the cloud.

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