Level 3 has been extended – what this means for your business

It has been about 18 weeks since the National Lockdown kicked off in South Africa. As we all try to reopen our businesses or our places of work, there are a number of regulations we need to adhere to for safety and to try halt the spread of the coronavirus.

The important highlights

  • Cabinet approved a national state of disaster extension until 15 August 2020
  • The country will remain at Level 3 at this stage
  • Face masks are mandatory when leaving home
  • All businesses must have a designated official in charge of implementation of regulations
  • A curfew is in place between 9pm – 4am every day
  • Taxis can operate at 100% capacity for local trips and at 70% for long trips

Tips for getting your business ready

  1. Limit interactions – No more handshakes or hugs between employees or with customers. Rather stick to non-contact greetings. Limit meetings and non-essential travel by using videoconferencing as much as possible, even if you are all back in the office. If you need to have face-to-face meetings, hold them in well-ventilated spaces that are large enough to maintain a safe distance between people.
  2. Practice good hygiene – Have sanitiser at the entrance and put up reminders to use it before entering, as well as reminders in the bathroom and kitchen to wash hands thoroughly. Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables and desks regularly. Get everyone to bring their own tea or coffee supplies to prevent cross-contamination. Increase the ventilation in the building by opening windows or adjusting the air conditioning.
  3. Track everyone who enters – You need to have a register for your office or place of business to track everyone coming and going. It’s essential that you get contact details for visitors, and ask everyone if they have been experiencing any relevant symptoms. You should also check their temperature and record that. If any employee is feeling sick, they must stay home. This also applies to anyone who may be in contact (for example, living with) anyone who is exhibiting symptoms.

Our new product, RegEasy, has been designed to help you with tracking employees and visitors, as well as their symptoms and temperature. It’s a cloud-based programme that helps you to see exactly who has been to your premises and when.

Adapting to the new normal at level 3

Change is always difficult and comes with challenges you don’t always foresee. However, the current world is showing us that if we can’t adapt, we won’t be able to keep our businesses moving forward. At Netgen, we took the approach of being open and honest with our team about the impact of the lockdown. We worked to keep the lines of communication open to try and relieve any anxiety caused by these uncertain times. It’s a process and we are all in it together.

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