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Netgen provides you with the ability to streamline your business processes with any one of our South African developed online business process tools that are easy to use.  Our range of software tools can be used either as stand-alone systems or tightly integrated via API interfaces into existing or new code.

With services and API’s that have been trusted and used by a large number of industries in South Africa, Europe and Africa, the advantages to clients are that they are integrating into existing and proven architectures without having to pay for redeveloped integration.

SendEasy is our bulk SMS platform that offers stress-free communication with your clients using your message template or personalised bulk messages through our safe, user-friendly, high volume online SMS platform. With the dedicated connection direct to all cellular network providers Netgen can offer you an interactive service that performs at high speed worldwide.

Developed by a young team of I.T. professionals that consists of project managers and technical developers who have built a reputation for innovative development of application software development over 20 years, Netgen is committed to developing online business process tools for clients who want to remain at the forefront of technology and still have simple to use programmes that are effective and competitively priced.

Using SendEasy to manage your bulk SMS services allows you to manage, import and create data templates, as well as the opportunity to personalise your messages. The ability to analyse and monitor outbound and inbound messages with real-time reports is effortless, with replies or opt-out messages received directly to your online bulk SMS account.

Using Short Codes that are special 5-digit telephone numbers enable you to send SMS messages from mobile phones and fixed phones. Shortcode messages are those that are used for television program voting, competitions, donations and mobile services which are billed at a higher rate than standard SMS’s.

SendEasy offers you the best system with which to streamline your bulk SMS messages using an affordable, user-friendly software system that will raise your business to another level. Please contact our team at Netgen for further information on SendEasy and other online business tools.

What is a shortcode?

Short Codes are special 5-digit telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones or fixed phones. They are widely used for value-added services e.g. television program voting,

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