2021 mobile app trends

As the new year kicks off, it’s always good to look ahead and see what is coming. Mobile apps are a massive part of the business world now, with smartphone penetration reaching almost maximum density. If you’re looking to get a new one made for your company or want to update what you’ve already got, these are the mobile app trends you should be considering for your design:

  1. Intelligent chatbots

Chatbots that are infused with AI and can actually learn about human behaviour over time are slowly changing the way businesses interact with customers. This technology gives you a customer service point that you don’t have to worry about or put extra human resources onto. You’ll be able to speak to and help more customers in less time.

  1. Dual screen and foldable phones

It may have seemed like a gimmick at first, but touchscreen foldable phones appear to be a massive part of the technology on offer for 2021. In terms of mobile app development, you now need to consider a varying screen size on one device – the front screen is different to the internal screen, which can also change size depending on how it is opened. It’s important to research how the manufacturers are developing their displays so that your apps work for those phones.

  1. The 5G network

Ready or not, 5G is deploying around the world and it is a much faster and efficient network than its 4G and 3G predecessors. This means that greater data security will be required for mobile apps. Users will also expect great connectivity between themselves and you, and between other users. Think about the implications for gaming and AR when designing your app.

  1. Wearables

Smart watches are also becoming increasingly common. Some are designed by the phone manufacturers and pair automatically, while others are made by third parties and need to be paired through a certain app. Either way, people are now looking to have their watches link to the apps on their phones and actually be able to do useful actions through their wearables.

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