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In recent years the use of mobile devices for web browsing and communication has gone from being commonplace to being universal. More online searches are made using handheld devices – not to mention purchases – and the development of systems and websites that are mobile-friendly has become predominant in the industry. Furthermore, the rapid increase in the use of smart devices means that websites must also be tailored for use on smaller screens as well as standard sized displays, and this is where a professional design and development company like Netgen comes into the picture.

At Netgen we have been at the forefront of website and software solutions in South Africa for 20 years, and we take great pride in our reputation for excellent service and professional, quality solutions. In recent years we’ve expanded our services to the international market. We have followed the transition from laptop to handheld devices along the way, and have kept up with the ongoing developments at all stages of the industry. We can help you with bespoke applications for mobile use, online payment systems and more, and we have a range of solutions to help you and your industry operate more efficiently on the move.

Being able to cater to customers who need to search when mobile is essential, and ensuring that you have an active, responsive website that is suitable for use on mobile devices is also essential. Netgen has the knowledge and experience to help you ensure that your clients are catered for in the best possible fashion. We promise excellent, friendly service at competitive rates, and we ensure that you get exactly what you need from our service. To keep up with the rapid developments in software solutions and website design you need to talk to Netgen, so give us a call right now and see how we can help you keep on track.

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