NB Publishers Leading Publisher in South Africa

NB Publishers is the largest local general publishers in the South African book market, and we are the market leaders in adult fiction, child and youth books, and non-fiction. They also operate under seven main publisher names: Tafelberg, Human & Rousseau, Queillerie, Pharos, Kwela, Best Books and Lux Verbi.

They primarily supply books to the general South African trade markets, as well as language and mathematical texts to schools. They publish in all genres, and primarily in Afrikaans and English. Their trade list covers everything from popular fiction to literary fiction and non-fiction; from love stories to striking political tell-all’s and biographies, from cookbooks, health, garden and humour to books for young adults, as well as picture books, mass-market children books and dictionaries.

Netgen has been working with NB Publishers for a few years now and has been integral in our client’s website and back-end systems which allows many South Africans to gain access to the easy-to-use website. Are you wanting a website to show off your product?

What is our role on the NB Publishers systems?

Currently, Netgen Custom Software hosts two systems for NB publishers. One would be a website for their consumers to view titles, enter competitions, and view any events, such as book launches or book releases. The other would be a management system that deals with the upkeeping of the website as well the maintenance of Titles (books) and some reporting functions, which is the ability to generate an excel report regarding a title. Like a sales report or a current catalogue report.

What does the team at Netgen do for NB Publishers?

Our team is responsible for coding and modifying the two systems, from layout to functional changes according to our client’s specifications. NB Publishers would send us, the dev house, a document detailing any changes or enhancements (A specification or spec). Our developer would go through the spec and come up with a plan of how they will implement the requested enhancements or changes. Following that, we would have a meeting with the project manager at NB Publishers to discuss the changes and how long it would take to do the work and then create a timeline for the project.

Does NB Publishers keep up the maintenance?

Netgen Custom Software is responsible for the upkeeping of the two systems. This means that should a systems user report any issues, either usability or functional issues, we are responsible for correcting these abnormalities and prevent them from occurring again. We are always available to assist our clients when the project is done and assist when needed on further issues. Contact us if you are interested in a website or bespoke software for your business.

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