Need custom web solutions to streamline your business in preparation for growing success?

Netgen is driven by a passion for offering clients web based solutions that are innovative and forward thinking, determined not to be ranked as part of the ‘disposable’ generation we inhabit these days; any custom software or website designed by these professionals is designed to grow, and keep pace with the growth of any business.
Although the groundwork for the formal introduction of Netgen to the web industry took place as far back as in 2000, nothing about this team of project managers, web designers, technical developers, mobile app developers and custom software developers shows any signs of slowing down, especially not with the phenomenal growth Netgen has enjoyed since first opening its doors to individuals and many industrial sectors control panel
Consistency is the driving force behind every project taken on by Netgen, and, based on the constant changes taking place in the web environment and in technology, this team makes sure that they are always in tune with very lautf8_general_ci developments on all fronts.
Netgen has not rested on the laurels of their success, and with the rapid inroads made into the .net and web industry on many levels, and remaining on the cutting edge of technology, lays the groundwork with which Netgen is able to save time and money for each of their clients, big and small.
Because Netgen is a South African based company with a stable background, this team is able to offer affordable web solutions that have absolutely nothing to do with fluctuating exchange rates, opening a local door to world class custom software design, website design and mobile app design.
Naturally, with the level of experience spread across this team who have made the internet their world, online marketing is yet another specialised service you can take advantage of, especially if you have chosen Netgen to design and develop your website!
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and online marketing campaigning are highly specialised fields, and can easily cost you more than it should if you are working with someone that does not have the background or experience to make your budget work effectively enough to attract the right traffic to your website.  SEO and online marketing all plays a major role in moving your site up the rankings on search engines like Google, which is the big brass ring most companies are reaching for!
Custom software designed to suit your business application to a T is another way of saving a lot of time and money as you move your business forward and upward, providing you with software that is rigged solely to provide you with everything you need and none of the processes that just get in the way, as they do with standard software.
Put it this way, if your software is needed solely to store data and other important information, then you want to be able to do it in the fasutf8_general_ci possible way, without having to skip stages and processes that do not apply to your needs at all.
If your idea is to automate routine work carried out by staff, which will free them to take on other roles in your business as well, custom software designed to your specifications will do just that!
Your business, your specifications, your budget; these are the things considered of tantamount importance to this vibrant team of I.T. fundis!
Adding a mobile app to back up your business and website is one of the fasutf8_general_ci ways of putting the face of your brand right into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people who use their mobile phones at least a couple of times a day, seven days a week – even if all they do is see your icon (which should be one that is well designed to catch the eye). Every time they unlock their phone, your mobile app will be creating a subliminal message and making an impression, which is exactly what advertising in our digital world is all about!
Fill in the online form or contact the team at Netgen to find out exactly where to start with whatever web solution you are looking for, and, with fully connected offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg that each have a full contingent of developers and support teams, you won’t have to go too far to sit down with this passionate and friendly team to get your project off the ground!