Netgen turns 20 in 2020

2020 marks our 20th birthday here at Netgen Custom Software. We’ve seen many changes in the last two decades, in both technology and our business. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is our commitment to providing great solutions for our clients and following that up with excellent support. Without our clients, we wouldn’t be here celebrating 20 years.

So how did it all start?

The business was originally spearheaded by the two founding members, Grant Scheffel and Hardy Esterhuizen, and registered in October 2000. Five years later, Matthew Vreenegoor joined as a third company director and expansion began. We moved into bigger offices in Joburg in 2008 and then opened a second office in Cape Town in 2012. Andrew McGregor joined the team as a director in 2019, after running various teams within Netgen since 2009. The directors of Netgen boast a combined 80 years of experience in software development. 

Our aim has always been to address specific needs related to custom application software, especially the large demand for custom development at reasonable rates. This is why we work primarily with web-based applications and in recent years have moved into developing mobile apps as well.

“20 years of making ideas happen. Netgen has always delivered more than expected, on time and on budget. With incredible staff behind us, we’re excited to chase the next 20 years!” – Matthew Vereenegoor

Reaching milestones

We have done a lot in 20 years at Netgen, like opening global offices in Amsterdam in 2019 and broadening our team extensively. The development of our own products like TrackEasy, SendEasy, RegEasy, and Club Central has also allowed us to reach new clients and offer solutions that are cost-effective and easy to tailor.

“20 years of helping clients achieve their goals across hundreds of diverse projects has been a fantastic and fulfilling journey. I can’t wait to see how Netgen continues to grow and innovate over the next 20 years.” – Hardy Esterhuizen

Surviving the pandemic

Our 20th birthday year has not been without its challenges. We are grateful that our team has been able to adapt to a new way of working and that our clients have stuck with us through this global crisis. When lockdown hit in South Africa, we switched to working remotely and managed to carry on with business almost as usual.

During this time, we spearheaded a campaign to help create online stores for businesses who couldn’t open their physical shops so that customers could buy their products online. We also created a product called RegEasy, designed to help keep track of people entering your business.

“It feels great to be part of a company that has stood the test of time and with the teams and clients we have, who knows where we will end up, but the future is certainly bright for a company that is still in its infancy. Looking forward to the next 20 years.” – Andrew McGregor

Believe us when we say that we wanted to party and celebrate 20 years of being in business, but we will someday.

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