For over 16 years Netgen has provided cost-effective IT solutions to companies within many industries including Finance, Motor, Health Care, Insurance, Manufacturing, Logistics and Media. Netgen offers custom software development, mobile apps and personally designed or developed websites, they have offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
As a solutions driven company Netgen is always looking for innovative ways to make their client’s businesses run smoothly and efficiently. The SendEasy bulk sms platform is used by Netgen for their own direct communication with clients. They have also recommended Send Easy to a number of clients and have even integrated the sms platform with client’s own systems for a smooth communication process. Some of Netgen’s clients using SendEasy include a major South African gym group, a large insurance company, a health care group to name a few, and they use SendEasy bulk sms for various reasons such as sending marketing offers, policy details and informational messages to their clients.
Netgen has also developed a range of package tools that can either be used as stand-alone systems or tightly integrated via API interfaces into existing and new code. Some of these include:
EasySchedule, an online scheduling and class administration tool that use SendEasy for scheduled class reminders.
EcoStat, software for businesses in the environmental industry to monitor and control data. Ecostat would use bulk SMS for sending out alerts and High Pollution readings.
SwimCentral, Web based management software developed for Swimming Schools specifically. Swim school owners use bulk SMS for swimming lesson reminders, payment reminders, class cancellation due to things like lightening or sick coach.
TrackEasy, lead management solution. Bring all sales leads together from multiple sources.  Clients who are using a system like TrackEasy can use SendEasy to follow up on a lead by integrating TrackEasy with SendEasy to communicate with a lead quickly, reliably and cheaply.
The reason Netgen Custom Software uses SendEasy as a bulk SMS solution is that it has proven to be an easy-to-use, cost effective and reliable platform even for people who are not too clued up on their computer skills. SendEasy even has “Help Boxes” if you get stuck at any point during the process of sending a SMS to buying SMS credits.
Netgen is known for their high standard of customer service, and one of the ways they keep their clients informed with any information is by using SendEasy bulk SMS platform to get a message across quickly and reliably. SendEasy’s text messages will deliver up to 50,000 SMS within 5 minutes. Netgen opted to use bulk SMS for the reliability and speed aspect. SendEasy offers real time data: View sent messages and incoming messages in real time and check if any SMS has not been delivered.
With its years of experience in the IT industry it would be silly not to follow in Netgen’s footsteps and sign up for free to SendEasy Bulk SMS Platform:
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