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Website development, custom application software, mobile app development and online marketing solutions, all this technological knowledge and experience is wrapped up under one roof in the hands of the I.T. professionals at Netgen!

Designed effortlessly and to specification for each client, Netgen has been creating custom software solutions for many types of business for 20 years now and they are here to stay, ensuring that whether you are new to Netgen or one of their satisfied long-standing clients, the results remain the same, cost-effective, efficient and professional.

Netgen will provide you with a solution for anything from automating routine work of employees to storing data and information and is dedicated to increasing the efficacy of your business and online services. Custom applications designed by the team at Netgen encompass Cellular Airtime Solutions, stock control and accounting as well as environmental monitoring and control systems, which are just a few examples of custom applications designed by this team of innovators on the cutting edge of technology.

Netgen specialises in developing websites for individuals, corporations and big or small businesses in a manner that takes into account any budget, you don’t have to be a corporate giant to get the very best out of the talent at Netgen. Custom WordPress and Website Design in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Amsterdam are coordinated out of Netgen’s interconnected offices in these centres, providing full back up services to clients nationally without missing a step.

Developing mobile and responsive applications for devices of any size, it stands to reason that with the prolific talent of the developers at Netgen will give your business the edge where millions of mobile users demand convenient, fast and immediate access to information from their mobile devices. Your business can only benefit from the experience gained by the Netgen team who have developed many of the most successful apps for mobile device users, and there can be no doubt that this team will remain on the cutting edge of technology far into the future.

When knowing that you can rely on a company to deliver your website, custom software solution, online marketing strategy and mobile app development on time and within budget are possible, then it must be the team at Netgen you are thinking of! Speak to the team if you have any questions or require a quote.



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