Netgen has branched out into the UK

In June, Andrew McGregor, one of our directors, set off on a new adventure with his family. They emigrated to the United Kingdom. Thanks to the massive way we have changed our working setup – going remote to keep everyone safe and socially distanced – we haven’t said goodbye to Andrew. In fact, this move has allowed Netgen to open up new avenues in the UK.

Netgen’s hybrid cloud infrastructure

For the past five years, we have been planning a global strategy. To that end, our internal systems and software are all in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. We’ve ensured they have strong availability and even stronger security and backups. This has finally paid off with the UK expansion and all systems running and nothing having to change. 

Success in a new market

The UK market is not new to Netgen. We are currently working on a number of projects for clients based in the UK and across Europe. At the moment, we have clients like Gekko, Melrose and RoloNext. We’ve been creating some custom software for the first two on the list, and last year, we built a brand-new mobile app for RoloNext.

When speaking about developing custom software in the UK, McGregor commented that “it’s the right time for Netgen to be expanding this way. We are offering the right services and the right portfolio.” Expanding into the UK is a good move for a business like Netgen because we don’t have a language barrier and we are able to offer highly competitive prices when compared to local companies.

Life in the UK

The McGregors have survived the mandatory quarantine when arriving in the UK and are now set up in their new home. They may be in a new country on a different continent, but McGregor says that it doesn’t feel like that much has changed. With the remote working lifestyle that the Netgen team has been using since March 2020, McGregor says that he feels as if he could be right around the corner from the Johannesburg office still.

Good luck, Andrew!

We were sad to see McGregor move to another country, but are excited about this new chapter for both him and the business. Netgen has been working in the custom software industry for over two decades and is ready for this next expansion in the UK.

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