Netgen is the hub of web solutions and online business tools in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Having teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg offers Netgen clients a superb level of support out of these interconnected offices, whether it’s support for custom software developed by this team, a mobile app or a website, Netgen clients know that the support is available whenever they are most in need of it.
Netgen understands that business can’t stand still, and right off the bat, once Netgen has taken on a project for you, you can rely on them to deliver results quickly and efficiently, with great respect to your budget.  This is a team determined to continue providing web solutions and custom software in South Africa at reasonable rates, which is a commitment that has remained unwavering for close on seventeen years.
Having already developed a full range of online business process tools designed to streamline your business processes, all of which can be used as stand-alone systems or integrated into existing or new code, Netgen has simply expanded their ability to provide all-round web solutions designed to save clients time and money.
Here are just a few examples of ready-to-go online business tools that have been used successfully by many industries in South Africa and Europe:
Send Easy: A bulk SMS and Email solution that has proven to be a popular communication tool able to serve small, medium and big businesses without any hitches.
Track Easy: This has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses that rely on leads to drive their growth.  It funnels all sales and marketing leads into one manageable data base which allows you to analyse and measure all leads coming into various departments in your business, as well as being able to track changes in your client base and measure the effectiveness of your communications.
Club Central:  A super-easy, affordable online package developed in South Africa that helps you organise and manage clients, bookings, schedules and even automatically does your billing, a central hub that allows you to keep everything up to date, including client communication, from a smartphone, tablet or computer – simple business management on the go at its best!
If this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of just how much Netgen can do to streamline business processes, imagine what they could do to make life easier for you!