Netgen has a Long Involvement in Environmental Studies and Monitoring

Netgen recently completed the website for the Sea Earth Atmosphere Linkages Study in Southern Africa (SEALS-sA).  SEALS-sA is an international science initiative initiated to understand the interactions of the biosphere, atmosphere, land and ocean in the southern African subcontinent. The study in being conducted by various Universities and Institutions from southern African, the USA and EU.

The project commenced in 2016 and is expected to be completed in 2023. Netgen was tasked with designing and developing a website for the SEALS-sA project which would not only allow the public and other institutions to get more information about the research project but is also a way of disseminating information to the participants of the project and keep them up to date with events, timelines, document etc.

Netgen’s association with environmental studies and research goes back a long time. In 2005 Netgen developed a software programme called Ecostat which was created out of a need for industry to monitor and control air quality and pollution data from remote stations.

The quality of the data also needed to be checked, corrected, recalibrated and hence the need for sophisticated logging and checking software. The Ecostat software developed by Netgen is still used widely by the mining, transport, agricultural industries and by municipalities and Eskom to name a few of our clients.
Netgen is very proud to be involved in environment impact studies and that our local software programming expertise has helped to make monitoring of air pollution and in making sure that air quality measurement is accurate and fit-for-purpose for South Africa’s need.

To view the SEAL-sA website click here
And to learn more about Ecostat software please click here
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