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Netgen is one of South Africa’s number one developers of custom application software and websites.

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Software development in South Africa has never looked better than when it is created by the talented team of I.T. professionals from Netgen, and with a combined 16 years worth of experience there can be no doubt that no matter what the software needs may be for your company, this is a team you can rely on to deliver software tailored specifically to suit the needs of your industry.
Handing over the development of your custom software to the team at Netgen means that not only will you have a solid foundation for your software, but that as your business grows Netgen will easily upgrade and bring your software in line with that growth, which means that you do not have to start all over again with the development of new custom designed software.


Netgen has become a market leader in the development of industry specific custom application software and Web Design by giving each client an unwavering commitment to understanding the operating processes of their business and developing a long standing relationship based on a level of support that is exceptionally consistent.

Design innovation and the determination to keep pace with rapid technological advances in the web based industry offers a service that covers every aspect of the software industry and web development sphere, which is the secret of success for this team of expert I.T. professionals who work hand in glove to continue upwardly mobile growth since they started out in 2000.
Service excellence is a given when you put your custom software development into the hands of Netgen, and operating out of interconnected branches in Cape Town and Johannesburg gives clients in South Africa, the U.K., Zimbabwe and other African countries a streamlined service second to none.

Custom Application software and Web Design developed in South Africa puts Netgen ahead of the rest with their highly reasonable rates, making Netgen the first team to call when you need a developer to provide you with sophisticated custom software and website design made to last!