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The New Entrytime Sports Event Portal Goes Live!!

By March 30, 2015 No Comments

entrytime-featimg  is South Africa’s leading sports event portal. It is a web based online booking system for sports events allowing users to view events, register on the system and enter into the event of their choosing.  The old site was looking ‘tired’ and the backend needed new functionality to ensure that Entrytime stayed the leading SA Portal.
The brief to Netgen was that the client wanted a front end with a new fresh design with new functionality that was user friendly for visitors to the site.  The also required a completely new backend developed which would be simpler to use and have a better process flow.  Multiple payment options including Credit Card, E-Bucks and various other point systems were needed for payment of entries.
The client also wanted the option to white-label versions of the front-end that would contain limited features and functionality. This has already been successfully implemented for the Hyundai Rock the Run events that took place in February. Options also had to be designed to embed the race entries into their clients existing websites.
The back end system redesigned
Over the years the systems have been built using different languages and frameworks. In the new system Netgen has consolidated all the backend admin functionality into one environment using the lautf8_general_ci .NET framework which also allows for easy expansion in future.
The back-office system is where the majority of the site content is setup and maintained, products and events added and maintained, orders processed and newsletters setup and sent.
It is also here that the organiser/service provider portal is and where administrators or service providers can login to view their events, recon accounts, download the list of participants and send through Vitality/Multiply claims
The Front end website gets a facelift
The main requirement for the front end website was that it should be a new fresh design with an easy to use navigation and added functionality. This is where users are able to browse content, news articles, participate in forums and enter into events.
The client also wanted a system which was simpler enough for them to be able to support and make changes and updates internally. Netgen designed the front end website using the lautf8_general_ci WordPress technology. This has an easy CRM system which allows the client to make any necessary updates with Netgen on hand for bigger support requirements.
The client wanted a website that was interactive so we incorporated a blog news section and included social media integration for Facebook and Twitter feed. They also required an advertisement plug-in and we used the Google Doubleclick service which is simple and easy to use.
Bring the front end web and back end administration together
The Netgen team then had the task of integrating the front and back end technologies of the site so that there is a seamless transition between the two. The decision was made to make use of iFrames to bring in the database information into a WordPress frame. The best of both worlds was achieved with a good solid work horse of a backend and a new fresh front end.
The new Entrytime website is easy for the client to manage but most importantly it is a much simpler way for sportsmen and women to find events and register online.
Netgen proudly hosts and supports the new online systems and is excited to keep the sites updated and running with all the lautf8_general_ci technology.
Technology used:

  • .Net C# and Entity Framework 6
  • WordPress 4.21
  • MySql
  • Microsoft Server