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Please help DAN stamp out Rhino poaching

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DAN – the Marching Rhino

Dan Lapel Pin Photo

Netgen is proud and committed to be part of the campaign to help stamp out rhino poaching. Sue and Geoff Brown, passionate conservationists who work tirelessly on a volunteer basis have created DAN an affectionate character whose name sadly stands for ‘Days Are Numbered’.
DAN the marching rhino initiative is a campaign where members of the public are provided with an opportunity to show their concern for our Rhino’s escalating demise by proudly wearing an attractive lapel pin/badge raising awareness and funds for conservation.

  • Rhino conservation
  • Saving the surviving rhino
  • Supporting established and renowned rhino charities

Dan the rhino was created by award winning designer Andy Cartwright. These badges are for sale to the public and Netgen encourages everyone to get behind this initiative. Netgen staff will be proudly wearing their DAN rhino badges.
Every single Rand raised by these badges will be ploughed back into the DAN anti-poaching unit programme says Sue; “It is our belief that this war will be won through Anti-Poaching Units, putting more boots on the ground. Countries like Botswana have proven that a zero-tolerance approach works. “
The badges open conversation which the DAN initiative hopes will encourage people to become ‘custodians of the Rhino’ – educating children and adults alike about rhino poaching and the impact their eradication will have on our natural heritage and economy.  Quite simply if we do not STAMP OUT POACHING there will be no rhino left in the wild and the culture of barbarism and cruelty will have been allowed to take over.

Join us in helping DAN the little Rhino to raise funds to STAMP OUT POACHING.

Badges can be purchased on the DAN – The Marching Rhino Facebook page here
Minimum orders of 20 units
Scholars R20 per badge
Corporate R30 per badge

This is Nyani when she was 6 days old – very sick with Pneumonia – today she is a 14 month old thriving Rhino.
After her mother was murdered, dedicated Sue Brown and Karen Trendler last year nursed Nyani to the healthy little rhino she is today.