Pros and Cons of a Custom WordPress Design

If you’re in the market for a website for your business, you’ve probably come across WordPress and what it has to offer. While there are many other platforms to develop your website on, WordPress is definitely the most popular choice with almost 33% of all websites online built on this platform.

There are two WordPress options .org and .com. enables you to download the software so you can install it on your own web server. doesn’t allow that and the website ultimately belongs to WordPress. Needless to say, is the prefered option for many professionals and businesses.

But it doesn’t stop there. offers a magnitude of design templates that are pretty decent! Additionally, you can download a plugin for literally any functionality you need your website to have. But there are some downsides to this option, so without further ado, here are the pros and cons of a custom WordPress website.

1. Your website will never look like your competitor’s website. With a custom design, you won’t have to stick to the functionalities of a predesigned template.

2. Speaking about functionality, the sky’s the limit. There’s nothing that can’t be added to your website.

3. Extensive customer support. When you design your own website with a template, you’re pretty much on your own, aside from the online communities to help you out. Netgen offers complete customer support to each an every one of their clients.

4. Your website can is simple and easy to update. As your business grows, so does your website needs. With a custom WordPress design, you just have to say the word and the changes are made, quickly and effortlessly.

1. It’s not as cheap as using a template. While not extremely costly, especially if you hire a professional like Netgen, it does cost more than using a template for your design.

As you can see, the pro’s far outweigh the cons in this instance. Whatever you decide, make sure you hire a professional WordPress developer for the project. Speak to the team at Netgen for a free quote today.