6 software necessities for a remote workforce

The past two years have seen millions of people around the world trade uniforms for pajamas as lockdowns and quarantines have necessitated remote working. Even now, with the worst of the pandemic seemingly behind us, 56% of South Africans are still working from home at least some of the time. With all of the perks of working remotely, many companies are offering employees the opportunity permanently. Of course, in order to work effectively, companies need to use the right remote workforce software.

The following 6 solutions are ones we consider necessities:

  1. An internal messaging system – Communication is vital for any business, especially when working remotely. It’s important to use a messaging system that is secure and can handle your business needs.
  1. A cloud-based project management tool – When employees are not physically collaborating, it’s important to have a project management tool that is cloud-based. This ensures that everyone involved can see what is required of them and check what state the project is in at any given time
  1. Time tracking and time management software – When working from home, it’s easy to work over and above your usual hours, or to get distracted by things happening at home. Time management software helps you monitor time spent on projects, while time tracking software keeps businesses informed of the hours their employees are working.
  1. Cloud storage that allows collaboration – Not being able to access servers locally can be a problem if large files need to be shared between team members. Cloud storage allows employees to securely access files online and is easy to set up and manage.
  1. VoIP for calling clients, suppliers and employees – Voice over IP (VoIP) offers a way for employees to make and receive calls over the internet using their computers or smartphones. This is cheaper and simpler than providing employees with phones or SIM cards, and is easier to manage. 
  1. Videoconferencing and screen sharing – Videoconferencing is a more tangible way to have meetings than a ‘cameras-off’ group call, while screen sharing is an invaluable tool for sharing knowledge and receiving assistance. It’s much quicker and easier to simply share a screen than to explain a document or a pitch over a call or email.

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Whether your business has been working remotely and needs the right tools to continue, or you’re looking to offer employees the option, the experts at Netgen have the knowledge and experience to assist. Contact us today to find out how you can improve your remote workforce.

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