Save time & money with web solutions designed by a company you can always rely on.

It takes a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to your industry to remain at the top for as long as Netgen has, and judging from the continued growth of this South African IT company which covers web solutions from A-Z, this commitment is unwavering and the success well deserved, especially when you judge it by the list of satisfied long term clients who trust no one else to provide the solutions they need!

There is a saying that states that if you love what you are doing then you will never work a day in your life, in which case, if true, the Netgen team of IT specialists who include IT project managers, website designers, custom software developers and mobile app developers have been having a lot of fun ever since they got together in 2000 to bring their brand of IT passion to the industry in South Africa.

Where it comes to their custom WordPress and Custom website design in Cape Town and Johannesburg, it would be virtually impossible to find the level of professionalism and experience this team brings to everything they can do to ensure that your website will definitely become your most important marketing tool anywhere else.
It is not only in the design of the website that the experience of the team at Netgen brings about something extraordinary, but also in their extensive experience in online marketing where it comes to essentials such as SEO, Google Ad Words (everyone loves the front page of Google if they can get there!) and web strategy to ensure your website effectively promotes your services and delivers customers right to your front door!

The level of consistent support and service excellence offered by Netgen has formed the basis of many long term relationships with clients who know that they can rely on this team for answers and the type of action that does not allow for costly downtime, whether it is in relation to a website, custom software, mobile app or any other web based service, they are always available via their interconnected offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

When you choose a web solutions company, make sure it is one that has a solid background, consistent support and a great future to offer before you dig into your precious budget.  Netgen has the stability and experience you can trust will be around for a long time to come, giving you the confidence to place your brief in their hands and know that you will have the best of outcomes for the future, whether it is for website design or custom software design!