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More and more people are affected by online fraud every day. People lose crazy amounts of money at the hands of these common criminals and don’t even see them coming. These fraudsters are now aiming bigger and have their target set on large businesses. Your business could be next if you don’t protect your data as if your life depended on it.

And if it’s not fraud, you could lose all your data if your system malfunctions or your business burns down. Either way, protecting your business information should be high up on your priority list.


Netgen is an authorised service provider for Acronis Cloud Solutions. If you don’t know what secure solutions Acronis offers, read below:


Acronis back-up cloud is a trusted MSP (managed service provider), offering secure data protection and ISV (independent software vendor) training to businesses around the world. As an expert in backup implementation procedures, you can be sure your business data is safe and secure.


Losing your company data can ruin your business. With a solid disaster recovery system in place, you won’t have to stress about it one bit. Acronis offers an integrated data solution regardless of the environment and location. If something were to go wrong, your data would be safe and quick to recover.

Acronis also offers other solutions like Files Cloud that provides mobile and office users with safe file access, share and sync and Notary Cloud which is a blockchain-based solution for e-signing, verification and file notarization.

The advancements made in technology these days are fantastic but also offer ample opportunity for criminal activity and malfunction. Either way, your business data is protected if you turn to Acronis Software Solutions. For more information about securing your company info, get in touch with Netgen today!

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