Software Solutions from Netgen That Will Streamline Your Business Processes

Running a business is never easy, no matter how efficient you try to be. If you’re still making use of old-school methods to get tasks done, it will take much longer than it should. And you know what they say, time is money.

Netgen offers various software solutions that can take the hassle out of otherwise tedious tasks like communicating with your customers or tracking sales leads. Below are two customised application software solutions you might want to consider for your business.


TrackEasy is a lead management system that enables you to bring together sales leads from various sources into one database. Being super easy to use, you’ll see a return on investment within weeks. Without a tracking system, it’s easy to lose track of your leads and their outcomes. So to avoid losing out on sales, invest in TrackEasy for your business.

By simplifying the process of lead management you can manage your sales team the easy way. This software solution will provide you with every tool you need to assign leads, designate tasks, check communication records and pull reports. You can also monitor each marketing campaigns effectiveness. Added to all of the above mentioned, you also have access to an email or SMS function that will allow for fast and simple communication with potential customers.


If you’re in the market for a user-friendly bulk SMS solution that will enable you to communicate with your customer base effectively, SendEasy is the answer. You can control when messages should be sent out, how much you spend which will save you money, offer assistance so you can comply with legal requirements.

With ZERO monthly fees, SendEasy guarantees the most affordable SMS rates both locally and internationally. You can communicate with customers in more than 180 destinations worldwide. You can also have complete peace of mind that your security and data privacy is ensured.

Netgen takes pride in being known as an affordable and reliable software development company in South Africa. For more information about our custom software solutionsget in touch with the team today!