Steps for building a mobile app

It’s true that the world seems to revolve around being mobile and the technology that relates to smartphones. This is why it’s so important to get working on building a mobile app for your business. There are numerous benefits to having a mobile app that will give your company an edge over the competition.

However, before you rush off to a developer to get your mobile app created, take a look at just what goes into building one:

  1. Define your mobile app

A good mobile app will have one core function – your main reason for making it. Once you have this, you can plan how the app will work and what features to include or exclude. This information will inform all subsequent decisions you make about your app, including the design, how you market it and how you expect people to interact with it.

  • Research your competitors

To get an idea of what you can do with your app, or what you don’t want to do, have a look at what other people are already doing. Look at both local and international companies that are in the same industry as you or are offering an app that has the same core function as you want. Take the time to download these apps and play around. You’ll learn a lot.

  • Work out what it needs to do

There are two parts to this – firstly, to work out the list of features and secondly, to work out how this will all flow together. Start by deciding on the features you would like your app to include. These should all enhance or complement the core function. From there, consider how the app will look and how you will navigate from one feature to the next. A lot of people physically draw what the app will look like to help wrap their heads around the processes within the app.

  • Talk to your development team

The people who you have entrusted to actually develop your mobile app should be your main source of information and inspiration at this point. They know the technology and the best way to deploy it to get what you want.

At Netgen, we can take you through the entire process of analysing your needs, planning how your mobile app will work, and developing something that will give you a great return on your investment. Building a mobile app isn’t a quick process – it needs time, commitment, and expertise to get it just right.

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