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Having gained a reputation as a market leader since 2000, the Netgen team of I.T. professionals have developed custom application software packages designed and developed in South Africa that have changed the face of the software industry completely. With a range of online business tools developed for a wide variety of industries and businesses, Netgen has cornered the market in the development of innovative software designed to streamline online business processes.

The talented, experienced and creative team at Netgen have created a range of online business tools that can be used as stand-alone systems, or tightly integrated via API interfaces into existing or new codes. Netgen has a proven record for converting Legacy Code applications to web-based platforms and converting your existing database to the latest version so that you are not left out in the cold with obsolete software systems that no longer offers any support.

Our online business tools do not require redevelopment as they integrate into proven architectures, with services and API’s that have been updated and are in use by a large cross-section of industries in South Africa, Europe and southern Africa.

Our locally developed software packages such as Club Central, Track Easy, Send Easy, Ecostat and Easy Schedule have been designed specifically to be simple to use business tools that offer you the most accessible way of managing your business and streamlining your services online.

The clients with whom our team have developed long term relationships have benefitted from our ability to develop software packages that are easy to upgrade and rearrange in accordance with the growth and changes that take place in your business, instead of having to pay for a system to be redeveloped.

We combine a passion for what we do with expertise gained over 20 years in the industry to develop and deliver online business tools and professionally developed websites for small to medium businesses and corporations as well as individuals. The size of your budget in no way compromises the quality that is produced by the team at Netgen, we can develop software systems and websites that are delivered on time while remaining within your budget.

With offices that provide a full development team in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Amsterdam and branches that are interconnected to the hosting centres, our team is available to offer quick client liaison and support without having to travel between the main centres.

Whether you are revamping or incorporating a website into your business, the friendly team at Netgen offer you the kind of expertise and partnership to translate your ideas into reality with custom-made software packages and websites.

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