These Embedded Systems Can Protect Your Business from Theft

It’s no secret that South Africa isn’t the safest country in the world.  Crime is on the rise and there’s no sign that it’s going to slow down any time soon. In fact, there were more than 20 000 cases of Robbery at non-residential premises reported in 2018. Bank robberies increased with a shocking 333.3% last year. Which is why business owners need to take all the necessary precautions to protect their businesses from these common criminals.

Netgen knows how important your business is and have developed a few solutions that can decrease your chance of becoming a victim of a robbery.

Remote Controlled Security Drop Safes 

The drop safe software offered by Netgen offers computer-controlled functionality, offering maximum protection against armed robbery of high-priced stock items.

Boasting features like active defence mechanisms, high integrity sensor protection and overnight lockdown all managed on an online portal, this software solution gives you a complete overview of every safe on your network.

Vending Solutions for Retail

This solution will open up the opportunity to sell to your customers wherever they are, but even more important, it will also protect you from armed robberies. Using a cashless system to accept payments can increase sales without becoming a potential target for criminal activity.

A simple and straightforward integration makes it much easier to accept payments on various devices while updating customer data, orders and inventory. POS is mobile, convenient and save!

If protecting your business is as important to you as we think it is, it’s a no brainer – you need these software solutions!

Netgen has nearly two decades experience in software development with branches in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. We offer high-quality, functional software solutions to assist our clients with their unique needs. For more information on how we can help you protect your business, get in touch with the team today!