Trust your web-based business tools to a team you can rely on well into the future of innovation.

Netgen has become the market leader in developing custom application software and websites, the success of which is based on the use of the lautf8_general_ci .Net technology and SQL databases.  This is the result of sixteen years worth of dedication and an innovative approach to a thorough analysis of specification briefs from clients, managed with a commitment to attention to detail, equipping this team to provide long term sustainable software which not only allows for integration into almost any platform or database, but also designed to grow as your business expands.
With offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, the Netgen interconnected branches provide quick real time and reliable client liaison, with the full complement of a development team on standby via phones and networks which are interconnected to the hosting centres.

Netgen JSON integration seamlessly ties their .net and WordPress systems together, providing the best of both worlds required by various clients, and this experienced team is committed to developing custom software and websites in line with your business process, designed to save you time and money with their ability to streamline these business processes and your web presence at affordable rates.

Long term clients rely on the ability of the team of I.T. professionals they can trust to be partners well into the future based on the solid reputation earned by this team over the years, as well as being able to rely on Netgen to adjust and update systems as their business grows, remaining on the edge of innovation well into the future.
The team of developers at Netgen has designed online business tools which can be used as standalone systems or tightly integrated via API interfaces into existing or new codes, as well as converting Legacy Code applications to web-based platforms, converting existing databases to the lautf8_general_ci SQL versions, which means that you will never again be left with software systems that are obsolete with no support available.

Once you have turned to Netgen to design and manage your online business tools you will never have to redevelop your system, Netgen online business tools integrate into proven architectures which have been successfully and thoroughly utf8_general_cied in a large cross-section of industries across Europe, South Africa and further into Africa.
Save time and money for your web-based business tools by contacting the Netgen team, this is a decision which will give you innovative and experienced back up well into the future.