Who do you turn to after a bad experience with a website developer?

There are countless sad stories about companies who have hired a web developer or designer, spent their whole budget on it and then been left in the lurch.  Their website never gets delivered, or if it is, it is definitely nothing like they imagined it should be or even wanted it to be, and on top of it, the planned budget becomes terrifying as costs balloon right out of the ballpark!
Then there’s the part where the developer no longer answers any emails or calls and the whole shebang goes up in smoke! If you have had a bad experience with a web designer, take heart, there are web developers like Netgen who have been in the industry for sixteen years already, are always available for phenomenal support and do far more than just give your business a pretty face on the web.
When choosing your web developer, don’t be shy to find out about what other clients have to say about their service, reliability and support, this is the only way that you will begin to regain whatever confidence you have lost in the industry after an experience with ‘fly-by-nighters’!
The team of web developers and project managers at Netgen take the time to understand your business needs and how to work to meet your goals, while at the same time creating a perfect web window for your company, paying as much attention to its user-friendliness as they do to how good it should look.
The Netgen team stands firmly behind their belief that your website is one of your most important marketing and sales tool, and by combining your knowledge of your business with Netgen’s knowledge of the web environment, your website will be designed to meet your specific requirements in order to reach your intended goals.
If you have been burned before, your budget is probably a lot tighter by now, but try to avoid finding a cheap way out, your website is too important a tool to make a decision based solely on cost.
The answer is to work with a team of professionals such as those at Netgen, who are able to develop websites for individuals and businesses of every size, and no matter what size your budget is, and to deliver a website that has all the hallmarks of sheer quality and usability, on time and within budget!
Contact Netgen for a no-nonsense quote, whether you need a complex database driven web application, an e-commerce site, a small brochure site and experienced online marketing solutions to drive the success of your website!
Netgen is a dream team that will always be available for support, answer every call and email, and make sure that between their interconnected offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg you will never be left hanging in mid-air hoping for a response to any call for assistance!