Use Social Media to Boost Your Sales in 2019 [Includes Statistics]

According to Global Stats, 68% of people use Facebook globally. That’s more than 5 billion people. I’m sure this is bigger than Mark Zuckerberg ever envisioned. Other channels like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube don’t come close to this percentage but in retrospect, still have a large user count.

Pinterest: 16.57% (1.24 billion people)

Instagram: 2.3% (173 million people)

Twitter: 6.91% (520 million people)

YouTube: 4.4% (331 million people)

But global statistics don’t exactly mean much if you’re a local South African business that needs to attract local customers. Here are the statistics for the three biggest social media channels in South Africa:

Facebook: 54% (31 million people)

Instagram: 9% (5 million people)

Twitter: 4% (2.2 million people)

According to a report published by We Are Social and Hootsuite, South Africans spend nearly 3 hours on social media every day. If you still think that you don’t need to add social media marketing to your digital marketing strategy, think again.

The whole idea of marketing is to reach your target audience. To reach them, you need to be where they are. And they are on social media. Do your business a favour and increase your sales by moving forward with technology. If you get left behind, you might not be able to keep your doors open for very long.

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