What monetisation methods are best for a mobile app?

What monetisation methods are best for a mobile app?

If you’re looking to generate income through your app, there are several ways in which you can implement mobile app monetisation. The best model for your specific app depends on several factors including on which app store your app will be published, your target market, and the type of app you are developing.

4 mobile app monetisation methods

  1. Concerning ads

Adverts are commonly used in apps. In fact, more mobile apps use ads than any other type of monetisation. These mobile ads come in various formats – banners, videos and interstitial ads. That last one is when the ads appear at transition points within the app, such as between levels in a mobile game.

When incorporating ads, you should ensure that they are relevant and do not intrude on the user experience or they may end up frustrating users to the point where they abandon the app.

  1. Free and paid versions

In this model, you offer a free version of your app that anyone can download and use. You can incorporate ads in the free version in order to generate income. Users then have the option to purchase the paid-for version, which offers more features and eliminates the ads. This might be a once-off purchase or a regular subscription.

The advantage of this method is that it gives consumers a chance to try the app before spending any money on it. Alternatively, you could offer a free trial period on your mobile app if you don’t want a fully free version available.

  1. Free app with in-app purchases

When implementing this model, your app is free to download and use for everyone. However, the app has extra items or features within it that users have to pay to access. This model is commonly used in mobile games, where players can purchase items to help them through levels, new characters or cosmetic items.

  1. Paid app

Here, users can only download the app after they have paid for it. This works best for niche markets where there isn’t much competition, or if you are able to successfully market your app. This model is seen much more frequently in Apple’s App Store than the Google Play Store.

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