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When your website needs to be multilingual, contact Netgen

By August 12, 2015 No Comments

As more and more South Africa companies do business in other countries the need to have a multilingual website becomes increasingly important.
Netgen recently completed the French language version of existing client Trustpay’s website. Netgen designed and developed an English customised WordPress website for Trustpay in 2013. The company approached Netgen to create a duplicate French version of their website as the business was expanding to French speaking territories and they needed to be able to communicate effectively with these markets.
Trustpay provided the French translation of the content for the pages and Netgen duplicated the website design incorporating the French wording onto the new pages. The duplicate pages were integrated into the website using a WordPress plug-in. Visitors can seamlessly choose their language preference by clicking on either the Union Jack for the English version or the French flag for the French version.  The entire site remains on the primary Trustpay domain which is a great advantage when it comes to their Google optimisation and rankings.
Visit the site here: