Why get an ecommerce mobile app?

Did you know that mobile phones make up 42.68% of devices used to access the internet and that users spend 87% of their time in apps versus 13% on the web? Mobile commerce is also on the rise, with more and more users happily doing their online shopping via their smartphones. If you’re already into eCommerce – selling your products via your website – it might be time to take the next step and get an eCommerce mobile app.

  1. A better user experience

A dedicated app will often give a better experience than a mobile website. This is because you can provide the full functionality of your website, but specifically designed for use on a touchscreen, mobile device. A mobile app also loads a lot quicker than a mobile website, which is a must in today’s need-for-speed world. The stats show that  88% of consumers are less likely to return to a mobile site after a bad experience and 47% of people expect a mobile site to load in 2 seconds or less.

  1. Direct marketing opportunities

A mobile app gives you the chance to actively connect with customers rather than waiting for them to come to you on your website. You can enable push notifications and tell anyone with the app your news. This is a great tool for promoting specials, offering personalised deals and letting customers know about company updates.

The best thing about this kind of marketing is how targeted you can be. If users need to create profiles to use your app, you can use that information to send messages to the group that will best suit the promotion. You can also use location tracking to send messages to people when they enter a specific geographic area.

  1. Build a loyal user-base

Because you’re already on their phones, users will likely turn to you before they go to a competitor that they have to search for online. This gives you an automatic leg-up and can ensure customers keep coming back to you. Of course, the design of your app must be intuitive and user-friendly.

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