Why website speed & performance is important

Why website speed and performance is important

Website speed and performance is something we tend to take for granted these days. Fast internet is so pervasive that you simply can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t perform well. Consumers are accustomed to websites that load quickly, and there is enough competition out there that users will very quickly abandon a slow website for something faster. We take a look at a few reasons why you should ensure your website is well optimised:

  1. It makes a good first impression

Gone are the days of the 56k modem, when it was perfectly reasonable to have to wait for a website to load. On fibre and 5G, it’s quicker and less frustrating to just click away from a slow website and find another one. The vast majority of internet users will do just this when faced with a website that’s taking too long to load.

  1. It’s good for your SEO

Google recently updated their algorithm so that page load speed is now an important factor in a page’s ranking. It’s not enough to just have good content – if your page isn’t optimised for performance, it’s not going to appear high up in search results.

  1. It improves the conversion rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to the site who perform the desired action. This could be registering an account, making a purchase, downloading an application, etc. A website that loads quickly and performs well is more likely to convert a visitor than one that is slow and frustrating to use.

  1. It lowers your bounce rate

Bounce rate measures the percentage of users who visit one page on your website and leave without any further actions. Statistics show that, for every extra second a page takes to load, you could lose 10% of your total users. It’s vital that your landing page loads quickly, and you should make sure that it’s optimised for both desktop and mobile.

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