Why You Should Consider a Maintenance Agreement with Your Website Developer

A maintenance and support contract is a service agreement signed with your web developers. In this agreement between the developer and the client, the client agrees to pay a monthly fee in advance in return for website support and maintenance as well as other technical issues that might arise. It can also include minor website changes.

A maintenance agreement offers support no matter what your location. At Netgen we are serving clients nationally but we also have an extensive international client base. In the last 18 years, since we’ve opened our doors in 2000, we’ve witnessed trends tend to change quickly so it’s vital to keep your website updated with the latest software. Open source CMS and e-commerce sites like WordPress needs regular software updates and upgrading of plugins.

Another reason to sign a maintenance agreement is to benefit your SEO ranking. Regular changes and fresh content added to websites will impact how search engines rank your website – the more the better. SEO can be included in the maintenance agreement and the team at Netgen will inform the client of how they can improve their website constantly to create a better visitor experience and generate more traffic. The necessary changes will also be made to keep your website safe and offer secure browsing.

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We advise maintenance agreements to all our clients because we’re here to help your business grow in any way we can. If you have any questions or ever feel unsure about any functionalities and features of your website, feel free to speak to our team of experts. We are more than capable of giving you advice on how to improve your website to attract more visitors.

If you’re in the market for a website or a website upgrade, get in touch with the team for a free quote today!