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Woo Commerce now the second most popular ecommerce platform worldwide.

By June 1, 2015 No Comments

The huge growth in smartphone usage and internet accessibility generally over the past few years has led to a huge rise in online shopping and ecommerce behaviour. South African’s are quickly becoming a very tech savvy nation and the convenience and expanded product options that online shopping provides is powering the growth in online shopping.
Netgen has been developing ecommerce websites for clients for years and we are pleased that one of our preferred platforms, Woo Commerce, is now the second most popular ecommerce platform worldwide. Netgen develops most client’s websites using WordPress technology because of its ease of use, cost effectiveness and stability. Our developers have been creating customised WordPress websites for years and Woo Commerce has and continues to dominate the WordPress eCommerce space. We recently created an online store on the Woo Commerce platform for London based clothing brand Speedway
Woo Commerce which is a South African success story was co-founded and developed by South African, Mark Forrester and a large part of the Woo Commerce team is South African, based in Cape Town. Last year Automatic, parent company to WordPress bought Woo Commerce for some $30 million.
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The Woo Commerce software plug-in helps WordPress publishers sell goods online, effectively turning sites into online stores, and competes with the likes of Shopify and Bigcommerce.  In the past few years, Woo Commerce which is the most popular WordPress ecommerce plugin really proved itself in the ecommerce field, and the company says it now powers more than 600,000 sites.
Like WordPress, the basic version of the software is free, but WooCommerce charges extra for features such as appointment booking, subscription pricing and a product recommendation engine.
And like WordPress as a whole, it developed a robust community around its software, and is open sourced so plug-ins and add-ons are constantly being developed.
If you are looking to add an ecommerce element to your existing website or to build an online store from scratch, give Netgen a call and we will make sure that your store is built using Woo Commerce technology.