A CRM WordPress plugin using TrackEasy

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A CRM WordPress plugin using TrackEasy

Building WordPress plugins became a natural progression for our website development team. We spend plenty of time working with WordPress – building everything from beautiful brochure sites through to complex ecommerce stores and more. In order to further enhance the experience we were able to offer our clients, we knew we had to move into bespoke plugins.

This is where we got the idea to combine some of our existing solutions into plugins so that we can offer even more to clients. We used TrackEasy (Netgen software that has been available to clients since 2007) and created a CRM WordPress plugin.

Expanding existing software

TrackEasy is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows users to track all of their incoming digital business leads, bringing various sources into one platform. From here, users can track communication with each lead, make notes about those conversations, and even set up template responses and reminders.

The CRM WordPress plugin that we created allows you to connect your website to your TrackEasy profile with ease. You simply need to install the plugin on your website, set up the form and connect it to your profile on TrackEasy.

Using the power of CF7

In order to make this CRM WordPress plugin as effective as possible, we needed to combine it with something powerful – the Contact Form 7 (CF7). The plugin is essentially an extension of CF7 that allows you to use the incredible versatility of the form and connect that to a CRM tool that gives you plenty of management features.

The team went this route of extending the functionality of CF7 because it had all of the right features. CF7 is highly flexible, allowing users to map out an array of form fields – not just the basics. When the form is set up correctly (which is easy to do), users will have all of their leads pulled through to TrackEasy in an organised and convenient manner.

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