Bespoke task management software for Turnstar

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Bespoke task management software for Turnstar

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Bespoke task management software for Turnstar

We’ve been working with Turnstar here at Netgen since 2019. They came to us with a desire to modernise their system for quoting and manufacturing. Our solution – bespoke task management software that is designed for the way they operate.

Turnstar is a well-known South African business which has been around since 1990. They manufacture turnstiles and other physical access control solutions. Their customers vary quite significantly – from international mining companies through to retailers with just one store. This means that Turnstar needed a solution that could fit their range of clients.

Understanding company requirements

When work started in 2019, our team took the time to understand exactly how Turnstar wants to connect with their clients, as well as what they need to track the ordering process. There are several elements that needed to go into the task management software:

  • Capturing initial leads
  • Site surveys
  • Quoting
  • Job cards
  • Installations

The task management solution we designed covered all of these aspects. We used our experience of building our own CRM tool to help design the lead capturing module of the system. This was a good starting block.

Through conversations with the Turnstar team, we were able to ensure that the system also included features that they really needed. For example, we created an audit control function in the quotes section so that users could see who had made changes to an order and when. The job card section includes an area for delivery notes to help both the admin side of the business and the factory to monitor the status of an order as it gets manufactured and then installed.

One of the biggest elements that we needed to consider as part of the solution was how to streamline site inspections. For this, we ensured that the task management software was accessible on the go and could be used easily on tablets. Turnstar can now send their people out, armed with a tablet, to take photos and make notes while they’re on site – all of which will automatically be linked to the customer’s profile.

Seeing the impact of the task management software

The first phase of the solution went live a year after the project started. Since 2020, we have worked closely with Turnstar to ensure the software gives them all of the tools they need. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how the software has improved the way the business operates. This is especially noticeable in the mobile element of the solution, where users are able to take photos on site and edit or mark them as needed as they go.

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