Moss & Associates – how a long-term relationship can improve custom software

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Moss & Associates – how a long-term relationship can improve custom software

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Moss & Associates – how a long-term relationship can improve custom software

Moss & Associates has been a client of ours for over a decade now, and we’ve built a rather impressive legal software system for them – if we do say so ourselves. The system is all about helping the company to track their clients from initial lead through to court proceedings and payouts. It’s grown into something that is incredibly comprehensive now.

This law firm specialises in claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in South Africa. At any given time, they’re working with a wide array of clients from different backgrounds and situations. They have cases and lawsuits going all the time, and it’s vital that the lawyers are able to keep track of their clients and their cases. This is where our custom software came in for their law firm.

We started with replacing their manual system

The first step in the process was creating legal software that could bring the company into the digital age and replace their manual system of tracking clients. We started by looking at the company’s workflow and getting an understanding of what information they needed to know about their clients. From there, we could build a simple system that allowed Moss & Associates to store information about clients that could be accessed from anywhere and by anyone with the right security credentials.

Expanding to a full legal software system

When designing the legal software, we always had one eye on the future and how the system should grow over time. Once the initial system was deployed and the whole law firm was working on the custom software, we could start to work on new modules and expand the solution. It was a case of working with the company to see how they operate and what would make life easier through software upgrades.

The software now has a fully comprehensive dashboard that shows the user virtually at a glance where they are with a specific case or client. They can input and track all information about a client and a case, including a full history of meetings, phone calls, court dates and feedback from the courts.

One of the features we’re particularly proud of is the reporting functionality. The lawyers can pull reports on all of their upcoming cases so that they can prepare for the week ahead. This feature came about through talking to the law firm and seeing how the custom software can boost their productivity. It was a fairly logical step to make because the legal software already had all the necessary information there, it just needed to be collated properly.

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