Streamlining membership and database maintenance for REPSSA

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Streamlining membership and database maintenance for REPSSA

We’ve been working with REPSSA (Register of Exercise Professionals South Africa) since 2015 and have seen quite a few changes in their online requirements in this time. It’s great to have these long-standing partnerships where we can monitor changes in technology and business models, and provide revamps to their website and custom software when needed.

Database maintenance has become a pivotal part of what REPSSA’s website needs to do for the organisation. The ability for members to sign up on the website and to renew their memberships each year became an absolute necessity. This was one of the first tasks that our development team took on.

Revamping the membership registration process

The registration process is now a seamless online application, all done through forms that we created and posts to the backend database. The biggest challenge that we faced on this part of the project was to integrate our forms and database maintenance system to the payment gateway and public facing website. REPSSA uses Sage for their payments, and we needed to get their system to talk to our system so that processing payment notifications became automated.

Once the systems were connected, we could automate even more of REPSSA’s database maintenance process. Our developers set up automatic notifications for when memberships were up for renewal. We’ve also automated the process of generating invoices for subscription renewals.

Adding CPD providers to the membership database

With the regular members now taken care of with automated processes, it was time to turn our attention to the CPD providers. As REPSSA is the official body in South Africa for managing fitness qualifications and the professionals who have them, it makes sense for those providing the qualifications to be part of the database.

Recently, we added a section for these providers to register on the website and upload details about the courses that they offer. With a profile on the website, CPD providers can also edit course details as they need to and upload or update necessary documents in their repository. It’s also possible for these providers to pay for their course registration on the system directly via the REPSSA website form.

Automated database maintenance is a vital cog for REPSSA

There are so many options for automation now, especially when it comes to database maintenance, and we’re happy to be able to help our long standing client. By analysing their needs and coming up with a plan to streamline subscription registrations, management and renewals, we’ve provided a solution that allows REPSSA to function at full capacity as their numbers grow.

Netgen provides full system development for REPSSA of the front end WordPress database, backend SQL and .Net coding, as well as all DevOps and day-to-day support.

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