Delivering the right message at the right time in an emergency

Netgen recently designed and developed a website for Guardian TXT, we are also involved in the larger project of the custom software development of the back end administration system. Guardian TXT is a critical tool for companies that operate in hostile environments. In an emergency situation whether it is a natural disaster or act of violence or war, being able to make quick contact with staff is essential to securing them.

GuardianTXT is a Short Message Service (SMS) based emergency notification and headcount system which allows you to quickly communicate critical information and swiftly account for all your staff.

The headcount system runs autonomously once initiated and summarizes the persons who need assistance and non-responses for a quick follow-up. The notification option allows security managers to quickly send security updates to specific groups, or all staff can be rapidly notified in one go.
Netgen is proud to be associated with a system that makes use of simple effective technology to communicate in emergency situations and potentially save lives.

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