Speedway Clothing

Developing an online shop between two countries – no problem for Netgen!

Iconic British luxury sportswear brand, Speedway Clothing which was hugely successful in the 80’s and 90’s, re-launched recently in the UK. The collection of sweatshirts, hoodies, leggings etc. are manufactured and then sold into high end premium stores in the UK.  A lot has changed in the retail environment since the 1980’s – most significantly the online world of social media, instant information and of course online shopping and e-commerce. In the same way the business world has also changed in that supplying a service can be done remotely from wherever you are. This was proved very successfully when Netgen, based in South Africa, was appointed by Speedway to create its online store complete with e-commerce platform.

With the client based in London and the Netgen team in Johannesburg and Cape Town, meeting s where conducted via Skype and day-to-day communication was via email or telephone. The site was developed on a Netgen test server with the client having full access to a test link throughout the design and development phase.

The Speedway Clothing site is also fully Responsive

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