Company Overview

The original trio of Grant Scheffel, Hardy Esterhuizen and Matthew Vreenegoor boast a combined experience of over 60 years in the IT industry!

Netgen Custom Software opened for business in October 2000 and has offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Amsterdam to address specific needs in the computer industry related to custom application software. A large demand in the industry exists for custom developed software at reasonable rates. Netgen develops custom software and databases which is primarily web-based and in recent years has a growing mobile application base as well.

The Business is spearheaded by the three founding members, Grant Scheffel, Hardy Esterhuizen and Matthew Vreenegoor who have a combined experience of nearly 60 years in the business together. The team is involved in every project and collectively oversee our operations locally and abroad.

A number of companies worldwide have realised that it is more cost effective over the long run to develop bespoke software that is an exact fit for their business. Netgen also does integrations into a number of third-party services and APIs via Rest, JSON and also Soap. These allow for systems to seamlessly integrate into other systems and share information and also generally reduces the cost of ownership and development.

The company has moved into the .net and web environment, collecting talented young IT professionals along the way. The growth has culminated in a software development company with a team of project managers, technical developers, mobile developers, application specialists and support technicians. Netgen Custom Software can assist with any development such as software, web design, mobile apps and is a full solution business.

Netgen actively supports clients across Southern Africa, Ethiopia, Britain, Malta and the Netherlands. Netgen develops, supports, maintains and hosts for the clients and provides a full turnkey solution.

Netgen Office Amsterdam



Our branches are interconnected and allow for quick client liaison without travelling between the centres. A full development team are in both offices and phones and networks are interconnected to the hosting centres to provide full support capabilities in both the Amsterdam, Western Cape and Gauteng.

Netgen also services clients in the UK, Europe, Zimbabwe and other African Locations.

We have recently completed projects in Holland, Israel and Ethiopia. We continue to support and maintain these clients.