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Our mobile app development solutions are created to suit the specific objectives of our clients, including seamless integration with existing information systems and brands. We develop for both Android and iOS, using React Native as our primary language. We also use Xamarin and MAUI. Whether you want an app to streamline your business processes or something for your customers to download and use, we can assist.

Mobile apps are a large part of the way the world operates these days. More and more people are using their smartphones to browse the internet, keep themselves entertained and do many daily tasks. It just makes sense for many businesses to have a mobile app developed to assist with the way they operate and connect to customers.

Options for commercial mobile apps

Delivery mobile apps

Gaming mobile apps

eCommerce mobile apps

Messenger mobile apps

Music apps

Rideshare apps


New API and CRM
New payment methods
New look and features
Integration with SA retailers

Netgen has been working with our long-term client, uConnect, for many years, and the uConnect mobile app is one of our most exciting recent projects. The original app was in need of a complete rebuild, so we set out to create a new app that would be more user-friendly, secure, and feature-rich.

uConnect mobile app developed by Netgen Custom Software
NPR mobile app developed by Netgen Custom Software


Enhanced security
User experience
On-the-go access to data
User authetication

eta College, a longtime client, approached us with a concept for a mobile app that would link to a much larger online database. The app needed to be highly secure to restricted or grant access based on user profiles. We were excited to take on this challenging project, and we knew that our expertise in mobile app development and database integration would be a perfect fit.


SDK development
Cross-platform mobile app
Unique data sharing features
Cloud hosting solutions

We were presented with the opportunity to develop Rolonext, a mobile app that allows users to share their contact information simply by holding their phones next to each other and swiping their digital cards across. This is in contrast to other similar apps, which require users to manually input phone numbers and email addresses.

RoloNext mobile app developed by Netgen Custom Software

Take your business mobile

NetgenOur apps can integrate with existing systems in your company
NetgenGet real-time data access in the palm of your hand
NetgenGive your customers a new way to interact with your business
NetgenImprove the everyday tasks of running a company
React Native

Using React Native

We use React Native as the framework for all of the mobile apps that we develop. This platform allows us to write one codebase for the app and then create versions for both iOS and Android. Your app will automatically be compatible with both operating systems.

React Native is a tried and tested framework that allows for quicker deployment of mobile apps and far easier maintenance and updating. You get true cross-platform mobile app development that is actually futureproof. If the likes of Facebook, UberEATS, Instagram and Airbnb use it, you can rest assured that your mobile app will be great.

Our tried and tested development process

We use our mobile app development process to plan and execute all of our custom solutions. It’s all about understanding your requirements and your business ethos so we can design the right app for your needs.

Through this process, we work closely with each client to ensure that the app does exactly what they need it to do. We also provide ongoing maintenance plans to keep your mobile app operating at its best.

The Netgen custom software development process

Let Netgen build your mobile app

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