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Not Sure If Customised Software Is Right For You?

There are two choices every business owner has to make when it comes to business tasks: Pre-designed software or customised software. Both of them have positives and negatives and it's…
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First National Bank launches new Wellness app

First National Bank has always been a bank that wants to help you with investing your money, helping with your home loan, car loan or business loan but today they…
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Protect Your Business From Theft

With crime on the rise, business owners are desperate to keep their businesses safe. In 2018, over 20 000 businesses were robbed in South Africa. That's an alarming number of…

Intelligent Safe does it again

Netgen client, Intelligent Safe again scooped up two prestigious awards at the Innovation Summit in Cape Town this September. The SA Innovation Summit is an annual event that celebrates and…
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TrackEasy Leads Management Solutions

TrackEasy is a lead management solution that was developed by Netgen. It started life as a simple method of tracking leads from a website contact form but has grown into…

Take Your Business To The Next Level In 3 Easy Steps

No matter how big or small your business, you have one goal in sight and that's for it to succeed. Why else would you invest all your time and money…
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Varsity College Careers Day

On 11 September 2019, Varsity College hosted their annual Careers Day, and Netgen was one of the companies selected to attend the day at their Rondebosch campus. We took some…
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Friday Out of Office

Just recently, the Cape Town Office of Netgen, enjoyed their first “Friday Out of Office” on Friday the 16 August at the Dark Horse restaurant in Noordhoek. This was something…
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Growing with our clients

The scope of an ever-growing software and digital marketing business is always to make certain that we can hire the best there is and to ensure that our clients always…
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How To Market Your Website Effectively

Just having a website won't help you much, even if it's a phenomenal work of art. You have to lead people to your website so you can start seeing an…

iOS Vs Android: Choosing The Best Platform For Your Mobile App

Mobile apps have become more of a necessity than a novelty lately. Business who don't have an app are losing out on valuable business. Mobile applications make life easier and…
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How To Tell If My Business Needs A Customised Software Solution

Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges. One of the biggest challenges is that you need to be on top of business processes - what's…

Website Speed And Performance

Did you know that the speed at which your website loads is directly linked to how it ranks in search engines like Google? It wasn't like this a few years…

Automate Business Tasks With Custom Software To Save Time And Money

The first ever computer was released in April 1981. Technology has come a long way since then and there are no signs of slowing down soon. Technology has improved on…
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Reasons To Hire A Professional For Mobile App Development

Developing a mobile app for your business is never a bad idea. In fact, mobile applications offer a direct channel to your customers, existing and potential. As soon as the…
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Norse High-Performance Training

ONE OF NETGEN'S CLIENTS: Norse High- Performance Training. WHAT IS NORSE HIGH PERFORMANCE TRAINING? Norse High Performance Training is an Online Strength & Conditioning Company. We specialise in programmes for…

Ways Your Business Can Benefit From An Online Store

Long queues and malls full of people don't sound appealing to many people. Thus, it's not surprising how online shopping has taken off in recent years. Not only is it…
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3 Facts About Digital Marketing

Conventional marketing methods like handing out flyers still have a place in the market. That said, the way forward is definitely digital marketing and advertising. Staying on top of marketing…
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Are You Struggling To Get Your Business Off The Ground? (Solution)

Let's face it, starting a business and getting it to a point where it's profitable, is never easy. It requires hard work and dedication accompanied with the right skills and…
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3 Reasons To Step Up Your Website Game Right Now (And How to Do It)

Having a business website is a step in the right direction. That said, having a poorly designed or outdated website might do more harm than good to your company brand.…
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Increase Sales By Making Payment Simple And Easy

Do you like to struggle? In fact, how long does it take for you to give up on something that's plain difficult, even if it's something you really want? Thought…
Netgen Office Cape Town Netgen News

Netgen Offices in South Africa

We are finally in! The dust has settled and the Cape Town team have made themselves comfortable into their much bigger office space and calling it their second home, We…
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Use Social Media to Boost Your Sales in 2019 [Includes Statistics]

According to Global Stats, 68% of people use Facebook globally. That's more than 5 billion people. I'm sure this is bigger than Mark Zuckerberg ever envisioned. Other channels like Pinterest,…
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3 Vital Things to Consider Before Starting Your Online Business

Technology advancements of the last decade have been rapid! And if your business isn't on the internet yet, you are probably experiencing the consequences. If you want your business to…
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Software Solutions from Netgen That Will Streamline Your Business Processes

Running a business is never easy, no matter how efficient you try to be. If you're still making use of old-school methods to get tasks done, it will take much…
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Getting the Most out of SEO for Your Small Business

No matter how small your business, it is possible to increase your online presence significantly and it all starts with SEO. For the best results, it's vital to be consistent…
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3 Tools Every Digital Nomad Need to Be Successful

The business environment sure has changed in the last 10 to 20 years. Long gone are the days where you have to go to an office and push papers around.…
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Preparing Your Business for a Remote Workforce

You no longer have to be stuck in a traditional 9-5 to meet your professional goals. According to a survey done by Upwork, nearly 40% of hiring managers predict that…

How to Set up Your Office for Success

Every aspiring business owner has the same goal. To make a success of their business. And while there isn't a specific set of rules you need to follow, there are…
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Should I Develop Custom Software for My Small Business?

So you're a small business owner and you're wondering if the advantages of custom software are enough to motivate investing in it? Like many business owners, if you're asking this…
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3 Concerns That Keep Small Business Owners Up at Night

Being a business owner comes with many perks. No more taking orders from a boss or asking for a raise. But it also comes with a lot of stress and…

Steps to Take When Migrating Your Business Systems to the Cloud

According to a LogicMonitor survey done in 2018, just over 70% of all businesses use one or more cloud-based applications or systems for their day to day tasks. They expect…
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Signs It Might Be Time to Revamp Your E-Commerce Store

There's no denying it - mobile apps are the future! According to statistics, nearly 60% of all online purchases originate from smartphones. Considering those stats, you can see why it's…

Why Lead Tracking Is Vital to the Success of Your Business

In a very competitive economic environment, every business owner out there is trying to boost their brand and ultimately grow their business. New marketing strategies are offered by innovative marketing…
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Blockchain Development 101: Everything You Should Know

If you've ever heard the term blockchain development or technology, you're probably wondering what it is. Put simply, blockchain technology is a series of permanent data records that are time-stamped…
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How to Market Your Business If You’ve Just Started Out

As a new business owner, you're more than likely trying to find the best marketing strategy for your small business. With regards to getting your brand known, there are many…
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5 Ways to Boost Website Sales and Grow Your Business in 2019

If a business doesn't have an online presence, does it even exist? These days, the first order of business is to Google whatever it is you need to know or…
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Eliminate Time-Consuming Business Processes with Custom Software Development

Technology has brought many changes in the last year alone. Not even talking about the last decade. Most business processes are computerised making it much faster and easier to get…
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Have Access to Various Web Solutions by Hiring This Software Development Company

As a business owner, you probably hate the fact that you have to work with various service providers since it can complicate business duties immensely.  A great solution would be…

4 Mobile Apps Created for Developers to Make Their Lives Easier

As a software developer, you need to be able to assist clients at any given time. Whether it's for website updates or minor changes to mobile application projects, your clients…

4 Reasons Why You Need Acronis Backup Software & Data Protection Solutions for Your Business

No business is above a security breach no matter how great you think your security software is. And if you don't have the necessary back up software, you'll lose years…
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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Current Software?

Many companies that have been in business for many years have found themselves stuck with outdated software solutions with nowhere to turn for support. As frustrating as it might be,…
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Make Life Easier on the Go with One of These Software Solutions

Business owners are always looking for ways to streamline their business processes. Not only does it enable them to run a more efficient operation, but it also gives them more…

Top Reasons to Add a Mobile App to Your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that mobile technology has taken the world by storm in the last few years. And that if you want to take…

These Embedded Systems Can Protect Your Business from Theft

It's no secret that South Africa isn't the safest country in the world.  Crime is on the rise and there's no sign that it's going to slow down any time…
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5 Mobile Application Trends That Will Soar in 2019

Mobile technology is on a rapid rise and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. This is because mobile applications make our lives easier and offer convenience in a fast-paced…
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3 Best Content Management Systems for Your Website Design

Websites need to be updated constantly to keep them relevant, fresh and help with their ranking in search engines. Which is why a content management system or CMS is vital…
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3 Ways Netgen Can Help Your Business Grow

As a business owner, you know how risky it is for your business to become stagnant. Without growth, no business can withstand the curveballs the current economic climate throws at…

How to Hire an Impressive WordPress Developer Cape Town on Your First Try

If you've been searching for a WordPress developer in Cape Town to design your website, you probably know that the competition is rife. There are so many service providers and…
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Four Types of Software Development Risks and How to Manage Them

Every development project, whether it is a mobile application, web development or custom software, involves some degree of risk. These risks can vary depending on the nature of the project…
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Now Is the Right Time to Hire Professionals for Your Company Website Design or Revamp

Can't find the time to design or revamp your own website? Or maybe you have time but you just can't figure out how to do it and make it look…
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Top 5 Essential Elements for a Successful Online Store

Businesses with their own e-commerce websites have a lot more freedom when it comes to the look and feel of their online shops. They are completely in charge of product…
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Is Bespoke Application Development Right for Your Business?

Bespoke Application Development is the process of developing tailor-made software for a specific client according to their unique needs. Whenever business owners feel they have processing issues that might be…
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Get the Best Software Application Development Money Can Buy When You Hire Netgen

No one likes to waste money, especially company owners. When reckless spending affects your organisation's growth, it's serious business. Unfortunately, it's become challenging to find reliable suppliers of any kind…
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3 Tips for Hiring a Professional Mobile App Developer on a Budget

As you might already be aware, a mobile app can be greatly beneficial to your business. Not only will it afford your customers excellent 24/7 customer service, but it will…
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Here’s How You Can Use Custom Software to Help Your Business Grow

It's true, most "off the shelf" software solutions are able to serve various purposes within a business but, sooner or later there comes a time that they will fall short,…
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Pros and Cons of a Custom WordPress Design

If you're in the market for a website for your business, you've probably come across WordPress and what it has to offer. While there are many other platforms to develop…
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Does Your Business Really Need a Mobile App in 2019?

It seems that anything to do with technology has an expiry date. Computers and smartphones are updated so frequently that it's hard to keep up with the latest model. Social…
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5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Site Is Failing

Online shopping is so convenient which is why this technology is booming and is here to stay. Anyone can have an online shop. It's as easy as creating a website…
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5 Website Design Mistakes That Will Increase Your Bounce Rate

Just having a website won't guarantee loads and loads of customers. In fact, a website with a bad design can do more good than harm and should be avoided at…
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Why You Should Consider a Maintenance Agreement with Your Website Developer

A maintenance and support contract is a service agreement signed with your web developers. In this agreement between the developer and the client, the client agrees to pay a monthly…
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3 Customised Software Features to Help You Measure Your Marketing Success

Over the last two decades, we've seen the world of marketing automation and CRM (customer relationship management) develop dramatically and the only constant, it seems, is change. One thing we…
30-NOV-2018 Custom Software

Bespoke Software Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to running your business processes, you have two options. You can use off-the-shelf software or a customised software solution. Each of them come with a set of…