swimming school software by Netgen

SwimCentral has had a revamp

At Netgen, we’ve been working with various players in the fitness industry over the years to develop software just for them. With SwimCentral, we created dedicated swimming school software that has now been used by instructors since 2010. Recently, we thought it was time to give the software a bit of an overhaul. We’re very[…] Read More

POPI Act - the 8 conditions

The 8 conditions of the POPI Act

The Protection of Personal Information Act, more commonly known as POPI, has become a massive talking point for businesses and organisations in South Africa. There is a lot to do to ensure that you are compliant before the 1 July 2021 deadline put in place by the SA lawmakers. In order to wrap our heads[…] Read More

measure mobile app performance

How to measure mobile app performance

A mobile application is a powerful business tool and it is vital that its performance is measured so that you can make informed decisions about your app and business. So, how exactly do you measure mobile app performance? There are three groups of metrics that should be tracked: UX and performance This category explores the[…] Read More