important online security considerations for POPI

Important online security considerations for POPI

With the enforcement of the POPI Act coming in the middle of this year, it’s important to ensure that your software, databases, systems and backups are properly secure. Proper access control and security measures need to be checked or put into place as soon as possible to give your business time to fully test each[…] Read More

Mobile app trends in 2021

2021 mobile app trends

As the new year kicks off, it’s always good to look ahead and see what is coming. Mobile apps are a massive part of the business world now, with smartphone penetration reaching almost maximum density. If you’re looking to get a new one made for your company or want to update what you’ve already got,[…] Read More

Netgen can assist you with becoming POPI compliant

How POPI can benefit your business

The imminent enforcement of the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information) has put the cat amongst the pigeons. Organisations around South Africa are looking at the regulations and working out how best to ensure that they are compliant. This has come with a fair amount of frustration for many. However, the POPI Act may not[…] Read More

Netgen celebrating being in business for 20 years

Netgen turns 20 in 2020

2020 marks our 20th birthday here at Netgen Custom Software. We’ve seen many changes in the last two decades, in both technology and our business. One thing that has stayed the same, however, is our commitment to providing great solutions for our clients and following that up with excellent support. Without our clients, we wouldn’t[…] Read More

Netgen Acronis Disaster Recovery

What is disaster recovery?

In the modern world of business, we rely heavily on technology – both hardware and software. When something goes wrong with this technology, it can cause massive delays in productivity and potential loss of income for your business. This is where disaster recovery comes in. It’s essentially a system put in place to get you[…] Read More

Mobile ecommerce app

Why get an ecommerce mobile app?

Did you know that mobile phones make up 42.68% of devices used to access the internet and that users spend 87% of their time in apps versus 13% on the web? Mobile commerce is also on the rise, with more and more users happily doing their online shopping via their smartphones. If you’re already into[…] Read More