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.NET is a free, open source platform for developing applications across multiple platforms. The development platform was designed by Microsoft and released in 2014, and is currently in its 6th iteration.

.NET supports multiple programming languages, allowing programmers to build applications in their preferred language – either C#, F# or Visual Basic. It can be used to create applications and games for mobile, desktop and the web. There are no limits to the type of custom software that can be created in .NET.

Benefits of developing in .NET

.NET is free and open source, meaning anyone can use it. There is also a huge collection of libraries, APIs and tools available for developers.
There is an active global community of .NET developers who are always willing and able to assist with technical challenges. Forums offer a wealth of knowledge. If you encounter a problem, there’s a good chance you can find a solution online.
Applications can be written in c# which is one of the largest development languages in the world. This lets developers reuse skills and code without having to learn new languages.
.NET can be used to create any type of application on any of the supported operating systems – Android, iOS, macOS and Windows – using a single codebase. Being able to share the codebase across these platforms saves significantly on development time and cost, and development teams no longer have to be split between different operating systems.
Microsoft officially supports .NET, so security is a top priority and updates are released quickly when new threats are discovered.

Why use open source software?

Open source software refers to any software where the source code can be viewed, edited and enhanced by anyone. This is in contrast to proprietary software, which can only be modified by the person or organisation that owns it.
Open source software licences promote collaboration and sharing.
Many users prefer open source software because they have more control over the software. They can view the code to see exactly what it does and modify it to suit their specific needs.
Due to its collaborative nature, open source software can be more secure and stable than proprietary software. Many programmers working on a piece of code means that errors are more likely to be discovered and patches can be created and implemented rapidly.

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