What is Xamarin?

When creating mobile apps, the ability to create cross-platform apps efficiently can be a game-changer for developers. It saves them time and effort while expanding their reach to a wider audience. Xamarin is a powerful, versatile cross-platform app development framework that enables developers to create native mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows using a single codebase.

Why use Xamarin?

Single codebase, multiple platforms – Xamarin allows developers to write code once and deploy it across both Android and iOS platforms. This means significant time and cost savings, as you don’t need separate development teams for each platform. Your app can reach a wider audience with less effort.
Native-like performance – It provides access to native APIs and UI controls for both Android and iOS platforms. This means that your apps will perform as if they were developed using platform-specific languages, ensuring a seamless user experience.
Wide language and tool familiarity – For those already familiar with C# and .NET, Xamarin is a natural choice. It leverages these popular languages and tools, making the transition into cross-platform development smoother.
Extensive libraries and plugins – It boasts a thriving community with a wealth of libraries and plugins. This means you can access pre-built components, reducing development time and effort. Whether it’s integrating payment gateways or implementing complex features, chances are there’s a plugin or library available.
Seamless integration with Visual Studio – Xamarin seamlessly integrates with Microsoft’s Visual Studio, a powerful IDE that simplifies development and provides excellent debugging capabilities. This enhances productivity and makes the development process smoother.

Real-world examples of apps created using Xamarin

Xamarin has been used to build a wide range of apps across various industries. Here are some notable examples:

Microsoft Azure – Microsoft, as the creator of Xamarin, uses it for their own products. The Azure mobile app, which allows users to manage their Azure cloud resources, is built using Xamarin.
UPS Mobile – The UPS mobile app allows users to track packages, find UPS locations, and manage shipments.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) COVID-19 app – During the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO developed a mobile app using Xamarin to provide information and resources related to the virus.
Storyo – A storytelling app that helps users create and share narratives from their photos and videos, Storyo is an excellent example of a consumer-facing app built with Xamarin.

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