An internal tracking system for Tshela Healthcare

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An internal tracking system for Tshela Healthcare

It’s true that COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns were not good for most people, and most businesses. However, out of the chaos, there were some innovative ideas born and built. With the boom in remote work, our client Tshela Healthcare found themselves in need of a robust, secure and in-depth internal tracking system.

Tshela Managed Care (TMC) system

Tshela came to us in May 2021 with the idea of what they needed. It was to be an internal tracking system designed to monitor patients throughout their maternity process.The team needed to be able to keep close records on member/patient files and schedule calls for midwives. Since they were working remotely a lot more, this system needed to be housed securely online so that everyone could access the important information from anywhere.

Our business analyst sat with their team and helped them to flesh out the concept into a working solution. We then set to work developing their internal tracking system, giving them all of the features they required. The solution went live in February 2022.

Some great features of this system include an expansive audit log to track all patient data and changes, an advanced note-taking feature for communication on a specific member, and an automatic scheduling feature to ensure all patients receive care in a timely manner.

Recent additions to the internal tracking system

As is always the case with custom software – the solution should grow to suit your needs. The Tshela internal tracking system is no different. We’ve happily added a number of new features since the original solution was deployed, and we’re currently in phases 2 and 3 of enhancements.

They now have a tie-in with the Medscheme in-house system to ensure maximum efficiency when supplying telephonic care. There’s also a new section to allow for sub-files in case the member/patient needs immediate intervention (extra gynaecologist visits, etc.), as well as automatic high-risk identification to ensure 100% accuracy when supplying care.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tshela Healthcare and ensuring that this solution grows as their needs do.

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