Building a custom WordPress template for NXT-9

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Building a custom WordPress template for NXT-9

NXT-9 is a business that works on an array of different projects with many different companies. Their business is unique and they wanted a website that showcased what they were all about. This meant a custom design and a custom WordPress template built just for them.

Using the customisation afforded by WordPress

NXT-9 came to us with a concept, and it was our job to bring this to life in a way that gave the business exactly what they needed. We usually work with WordPress to build websites for both our own business and for our clients. For this project, we decided that the platform was exactly what we needed.

Of course, with such specific requirements, it was necessary to build a custom WordPress template. Our skilled team of designers and developers utilised custom code to create a website that showcased NXT-9’s brand identity and effectively communicated its message to its target audience. By using custom code, we had the flexibility to implement specific features and design elements that perfectly reflected NXT-9’s requirements.

Working closely with the client

In order to ensure that this project went smoothly and that the end result was a website that gave NXT-9 what they wanted and needed, it was important for us to work closely with our client. This meant spending time before the project kicked off reviewing and analysing all requirements.

The project became a great collaborative effort. By actively involving NXT-9 throughout the process – initial analysis and the release of regular previews – we could ensure that their expectations were met. It was a fundamental part of this project, engaging with the client at each milestone.

Providing ongoing support for a custom WordPress template

The custom WordPress template we built went through rigorous testing and reviews before it was finally released. The end result is a website that embodies the initial design concept and incorporates many custom features and functionalities.

For us, however, the successful launch of a website is never the end of a project. Ongoing maintenance and support are critical parts of what we provide at Netgen. We continue to work with NXT-9 to ensure that their website is operating at optimum levels and that performance, security and functionality are never compromised.

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