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Your imagination is the limit when creating WordPress websites

At Netgen, we like to use WordPress when developing websites for our brand and for our clients. The platform is a free site builder and content management system that is designed for anyone and everyone to use. That means it’s user-friendly for those who aren’t trained in developing websites and powerful enough for those who are trained to do more.

There is very little limit to what can be done through WordPress. There are thousands of themes that can be used to customise a WordPress website, as well as plugins that can add enhancements, such as ecommerce tools and photo galleries. You can also create your own custom themes, which is something we have done for clients who have specific needs.

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The benefits of using WordPress

WordPress is scalable and can be used to run anything from complex sites for large corporations down to personal blogs.
Since there are so many different themes and plugins available, a WordPress website can function as an ecommerce site, a portfolio, a social network and more.
WordPress has many built-in tools to assist with search engine optimisation, and there are also plugins that can help with things like optimising website speed.
WordPress also has built-in security features, and more are available through plugins, making your website secure against cyberattacks.
Sites created in WordPress are responsive to screen size, so they can easily be customised for mobile.
Clients are able to update their own websites if they wish to because WordPress is so user-friendly.
WordPress allows for multiple users with different levels of permission, so access can be customised for each user in your business based on their role.
Since WordPress is so fast and flexible, websites can be changed and updated in real-time.

WordPress websites in the real world

WordPress powers over 40% of all websites, including those of some of the world’s biggest companies, particularly their blogs. Examples include:

Microsoft News
Etsy Journal
Facebook Newsroom
BBC America

WordPress is built on PHP and MySQL and is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). This licence was created in response to the rise of proprietary software. It gives anyone using software under the licence the freedom to make changes and improvements to the software and distribute these changes to the public.

WordPress’s exponential growth can be attributed to the passionate community of users. They have been able to develop WordPress into what it is because of the GPL.

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Our SendEasy Plugin

This WooCommerce extension plugin is poised to revolutionise how you handle order notifications on your website.

Admin notifications
Customer order status notifications
Free to use for all SendEasy users
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Our TrackEasy plugin

With the TrackEasy plugin, you can improve your lead capture and management process with a robust CF7 (Contact Form 7) extension.

Easy to map form fields
Receive data in real-time
Save time and effort by automating leads

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