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Debtsource – Keeping things online

One of the major lessons that we have learnt about developing custom software over the decades is that creating online solutions gives you long-term viability. Keeping the software online allows the client greater access and flexibility, as well as allowing our team to constantly monitor and maintain the system. A web-based portal was also the ideal solution for one of our oldest clients – Debtsource.

When it comes to managing a database, staying online is a strong, sensible choice. You are able to update information on the go and everyone will be working from the same data as things update in real time. For Debtsource, this is essential as the company is constantly managing credit information for their clients.

Secure access and operations

Of course, one of the biggest concerns when information and systems are kept online is security. The solution our team built for Debtsource included critical access control and is still being hosted on our secure servers – over a decade later.

During the planning phase of creating the solution, Debtsource asked for the ability to have tiered access control. They needed their team to be able to access the full system in order to keep up with their day-to-day operations. Additionally, they wanted clients to be able to access their own details to see how their finances were doing and to update their profiles when needed.

As the solution as evolved over the years, we have added features that allows Debtsource to stay on top of technological changes happening in the world. As their client needs have grown or changed, Debtsource was able to ask us for new options in terms of reporting and risk assessment.

A long-term relationship

“Finding a reliable development partner must be a key success factor for any business that is dependent on tailored IT solutions,” according to Debtsource CEO Frank Knight. Reliability is something that we pride ourselves on at Netgen, and it’s been highly gratifying to build such a lasting relationship with Debtsource.

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