Horizon Fruits – The role of the business analyst in software development

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Horizon Fruits – The role of the business analyst in software development

A challenge that we constantly face in the custom development world is getting to grips with industry and company requirements when we take on new clients. Over the years, our team has come up with a development process that allows us to really discover what our clients need. This methodology was certainly tested and proved reliable when we started working with Horizon Fruits.

We have always focused on getting top-notch developers and testers to ensure that the software we create does what it needs to do. However, working out what that solution needs to do is just as important. This is why we have rounded out our team with business analysts and project managers. With Horizon Fruits, these team members were invaluable to the process.

Taking our time with planning and analysis

Horizon Fruits came to Netgen in need of an information system that could help manage and provide transparency through their entire business chain. This meant that our team needed to understand exactly what the company does and how each department within the company will interact with the system once it is deployed. The solution also needed to be compatible with systems used by suppliers, service providers and customers along their supply chain.

Looking back on the process, Horizon Fruits logistic manager, Johann Le Roux, commented “It has been a very challenging project because we do not have a dedicated IT department to focus on system development. All development work is done by personnel within the operations and documentation departments in addition to normal day-to-day responsibilities. Netgen has assisted us with the necessary guidance and patience to facilitate the development of the system in a timeframe that is considerably shorter than we originally anticipated.”

It is the role of the business analyst to sit with the client and ask the right questions to understand their needs fully. With Horizon Fruits, our analyst also sat with each department to get detailed, first-hand information about requirements at each stage of the supply process. Without this understanding, it would’ve been impossible for our developers to scope the project and build the software effectively.

A full-service solution

The result is a bespoke solution that truly provides what it needs to for Horizon Fruits to operate efficiently. The software was deployed in January 2019 and has been keeping up with the demands of the company ever since. Our team continues to provide support and maintain the software to ensure that it keeps on doing its job.

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